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Hi, welcome to Animewiki2 Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the File:DragonballZ-Movie10 796.jpg page.

Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! -- Ssjgohan (Talk) 22:55, July 9, 2012

hi this is ssjgohan that an awosme comic if videl you posted  where did you find it :)

i plna to uplord mor e form yu yu yugioh when find some more

way do you want to know if i am?

i see

ya there awsome hi do you think you can do one if gt kid goku and gt pan

hi its me aigan can you tell me where you find the hercle and  18 pic i want to the some  webstie as the  videl pics war at but non on 18 herucle so can tell me where you find that one

tll me what you think if my gohan edit pic i just posted


Cool and Great Picture. What software you used?

RFyle11 (talk) 00:07, January 10, 2013 (UTC)

gimp2.6 it free progmo that   i used to  do that

just want say thanks for pan pic it looks awsome

hi its me just want know what you think if my new edits

now all  need to see is dr gero hand over gt kid goku motuh

thanks friend :)

hi friend what do you think if  new photo i uplord and what you think if the ending if the fight with the new androids


^_^ Hi friend. Long time no see. I already read all the Manga pages online GoGo18 and I liked it but I'm mad about Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Goten and Trunks did not go SSJ to fight them and no Pan. At least Future Trunks goes SSJ to fight even for a little bit.  A sad ending and I still liked it.

I laughed at some new pictures.

Alice.Blood Sennou Kyouiku-shitsu Jinzou Hito 18-gou hen on there in the comonts part there user who posted link to 2 haff if the battle that where get the rest android pics as for vegeta 18 will i just want to that webste the type 18 keep looking there tell i find 18 vs vegeta as for videl i did some thing on that website i typed videl then keep looking tell find some fight sceen if her and as for the gohan pics i find them at dbz speiceal strength checkers and for kid goku pics i find them on the some webstie as the videl ones took me hours to find them all am stell looking for ohter pics

hi so out if all the pics i put up today witch if the comics do you like and witch if them had the cazyst ending o by way what you think fi bills vs gotenks pics i posted that form new tlaier for dbz battle if the gods

and how are you friend

hi what you think if 18 pic i did and  how do you get good  dr gero hand that ben hard for me how do you do that

and ya i know they  gone super saiyan and ya pan ben haded to but  as soon my firend finsh my king cold borly comic have makeing for me am gonig to him make my vison if the dr gero new androids vs z fighters and

goten trunks the ohters will go ssj in it and pan will join dr gero and in my vison you get to see turnks goten fight but ya my vison wil be better  just get wight  for my friend to  make them for me then i ask him to make  my vison if android fight and not just pan but marorn you 18 kid  il  have her  join gero il use the fr vison if her to join dr gero

so with that being said friend what wood you like to see so can keep that in mind like who do you want to go after pan and how do you want them took pan marron down and what moves wood like to see down to trunks goten

il bulla fight trunks pan fight goten in my vison in my vison am goig  two gohans  teen gohan ans buu sgaa gohan

teen gohan will fight chichi il  two vion if goku audlt goku gt kid goku   dr gero vs gt kid goku  videl vs adult goku vegeta vs bulma  marron will vs my oc gotenkshan il thorw him in there to android 18 will vs hero heroine will vs piccolo  that how my viosn if who fight hwo but stel planing out how long it be  who took wose beating  and who will faill and charaters outfit will get   riped up rally bad to and i pan marron o down with  1 hit or they put up more if fight before they get tooking over.


I'm thinking of a another idea. Why not make a cool picture of them kicking someone in the face with their barefoot? Just making new ideas. Like DBZ 18 kick Videl in the face with her barefeet or Chichi kick teen Gohan or something. If someone likes it like beaten up characters in a war thing.

RFyle11 (talk) 21:25, March 3, 2013 (UTC)

and by the way is there any pics i happen to be misisng form that fight that i did not uplord if so lot me know

there was anhter sires on that some website  where this guy turned videl evil  she killed goku gohan but there be one where she go after goten but i cant find that one

yes my charater you see him in one king cold comic page fights  i had my firned put him in there ya an ok i see and am doing fine just trying to get over cold colds suck ya my oc is powerfull but ya am going have him be prat if my viosn if the the battle with dr geros androids and have pan marron heroine join gero androids and am go for good fights super saiyan will be used and so will super saiyan 2 gero new andodis be use super saiyan 2 as will

this be wood plot fight ieda i have heroine is form dbz heros game  but any one ya it be and this time it wont just be dr gero it be dr gero dr mew and dr raichi the dr toghter to give  gero androids the power to use ssj2 just give mroe

plot but i wot use the dr gero outfit for  the female androids il keep there origanl otufits  i like it better that way it be good fight to am sure you like it pan get some good secnes

thats nice ieda bare foot kick

hi where did you find that pan vs bulla  page you have :) i just saw it on your page id like to know where you find it

[Light Rate Port Pink] Tanjou!! Aku no Onna San Senshi Erasa Chichi Lunch Sennou Kaizou Keikaku is the 2nd part if some thing new with dr gero and will do you mybe know where to find the 3rd prat there is 3rd prat but i dont know where to find it

this is ssjgohan here

hi where did you find that pan vs bulla page you have :) i just saw it on your page id like to know where you find it

[Light Rate Port Pink] Tanjou!! Aku no Onna San Senshi Erasa Chichi Lunch Sennou Kaizou Keikaku is the 2nd part if some thing new with dr gero and will do you mybe know where to find the 3rd prat there is 3rd prat but i dont know where to find it

pelsese awsner back thanks :)

hi thanks  -- Ssjgohan (Talk)

hi took look at my new dr gero killing hero heroine pics and my tied up hero and heroine pics  and tell me what you think i fianly get dr gero hand right-- Ssjgohan (Talk

by the way nice ocs thats my oc -- Ssjgohan (Talk

sent you link to my oc just want make sure you get -- Ssjgohan (Talk

thanks and ya i like it and no i cant draw at all that way i ask ohters to draw for me -- Ssjgohan (Talk

hi what you think if new yugioh jaden pics i posted-- Ssjgohan (Talk

bit sure if can do some thing that am not the best editer but i can try Ssjgohan

hi friend what you think if the pics if hero i psoted and  if my oc gotenkshan in ussj1 and ussj2 Ssjgohan

yes i do have it and i happen be firneds with some one who tlaks to nbga meets with them he lots good ieda he tooks eida forms fans to show them il tell his viosn if charater makers ofr  new dbz game  that he hoops nbha wll put in to it will  not be lmited

siayans go kaioken ssj ussj ussj2 lssj ssj2 ssj3 ssj4


frieza race  can transform





mykko witch is garlic rj race

baby race witch be like baby him slef or hathcytack


and you see the newst pic i put if my oc gotenkshan in assj4 grade 1 -- Ssjgohan (Talk

hi what i was saying was  that mybe in next dbz game they lot us  go all out for makeing charaters

o and nice uplords if pan -- Ssjgohan (Talk

hi friend what you took if kid goku pics :)  Ssjgohan (Talk

there good and thanks and as for the fuison its gotenks gohan togther to make gotenkshan that my oc :)

soon il have mroe :)

-- Ssjgohan (Talk

hi wont be do any  pic edits tell next month my  comtper get hit with vurse i get it fixed but lsot all my progmros i had so wight tell can get flash drave next month so get back the progmros Ssjgohan

what you think if the new pics Ssjgohan

is every thing ok  iv not seen you in like 2 weeks-- Ssjgohan (Talk

i guss you desdie to not come back :(  it ben monht sence you ben here what going firend pelsese come back

Power Ranger Fanon WikiEdit

back to the chat Now

hi firened il possome new pics soon and  sent me meagese on da  so can find you agian ;)

you once asked me where find the pics if dbz girls fighting will here I ifnd it Ryona Gon Ball Z (FULL COLOR)

Precure_Deaths?file=Snapshot_2012-01-05_15-21-36.jpg what epsidoe is that form


btw I just psot some new manga pic but wander if you find them in biger form for me I the one si find war to small

this is ssjgohan long time no see fiend how you doing could help claen up fi my new land of ice page on here.

hit this ssjgohan am happy to here form sure go head and

as for card captors am big fan of that show :)

this is ssjgohan and ye aam happy to be stuff aigan

this is ssjgohan hi yes I do and I psot them right now and I do like your killin page

but you have hard of the Supreme Kai of time she in new dbz game Iv never heard of her so was wdnering of you have

hi this ssjgohan nice pics you posted and do like the new ones I jshut posed about 1 min ago :)


this is ssjgohan hi firned how you doing and what you think if the new pics I psoted

RE: ^_^Edit

I'm enjoyed it. keep it up. Oh do u like Yu Yu Hakusho and other anime pics i uploaded?

RFyle11 (talk) 09:18, October 1, 2014 (UTC)


hi this is ssjgohan I do like them and thank you and I will keep it up :)

hi this ssjgohan I post some more new pics

hi this is ssjgohan about the new dbz game you can have up to 8 outfits for your caharater.


hi this is ssjgohan about the new dbz game you can have up to 8 outfits for your caharater.

RE: Oh yeah. I already know and thank goodness it's a lot better than Ultimate Tenkaichi.

RFyle11 (talk) 11:05, October 4, 2014 (UTC)


hi this is ssjgohan your charaters can use kaioken

I hoop we chgine skin color like ut lot us and make kid male saiyans ut lot us do it so I don't see way this new game cant you know


OH YEAH. I like using Kaioken.

Yep,Yep,Yep. I already created Black Saiyans in UT. I'm happy we got change gender execpt for Namekians. But still lacking females - But I'm worried what the Character rooster would look like - One Female fighter Android 18 again? I don't think so.

RFyle11 (talk) 11:30, November 13, 2014 (UTC)


hi dude whats up what you think if my ley out on this webstie I fianly find out how chgind it iv ben wanting to for some time new fianly was able to give this palce new look :)


Wow. I like this new layout and I think u love DBZ more. Oh you like my new articles? 

RFyle11 (talk) 14:33, December 11, 2014 (UTC)

Ssj GohanEdit

hi friend how you doing have seen you on here in while.  Are you ok?

this I ssjgohan hi am ok just fighing a cold btw what think if new pics I posted

I get the idea for supermn tas epsidoe called unity where alien in human form named howell tied up people with tancnles and brainwashed them to join has grap tlak about unity he nary brianwhaded super girl but super man stoped him so

come up with in eida what if superman attack sent him to the dbz uvnruse then go aorudn brainwashing them to help him retuen to superman uvnruse cach supergirl and any one paosn he thinsk sould join

it was eays finding pics if erito bakshu to sue they only apper in 2 db heroes tlaiers

btw you here about new db sieres called dragonball super

it going take palce in u7 did you know airka right the story for the dragon ball xenovurs game that way he had future turnks kai if time point out that gt and the movies are in anther unvurses just trunsk time line that way turnsk could nto chgine has own time

airka fianly tofl us way he could nto xensovurs si awosme game you sould paly it if you get it and fi you for ps3 then lot me know your psn so we can play

we may get xeanvruse sequel seeing how Namco said the game is selling way bette then war thinking it wood it just to bad that xneuvrse is miss 3 if utmautme tekiahci gaints

and it to bad you can tmake male kid saiyna hoopfull anmc can make patch to fix that you can make female kid saiyans so I don't see what so hard about being lot us make male kid saiyans

I be more then willin to tam up wiyh you to help you pas qust mdoe

there so much more they do with the sequel

think this id down right the xeno 1 can be cont as the new tekaichi sieres see how 2nd oen blow fist one out if the warter tha twhat they do can do ehre

this is ssjgohan aigan I want to you one more thing wood you like to see my ocs slyvi yumi max and sakura slyvi yumi can sue shadow ken and super shadow ken forms i come with but yet to find some who draw out thses forms :)

shadow ken make hair spiky eages if hair have red tint like fpssj4 had with dark aura super shadoew ken make hair more psiky and longer and give user flame like aura ura shadow ken newst form i just come up with make hair even longer more spike and give use hair mix if red blue the aura benig more mxi if fire ice

will this form user can make flames or cie around any if the engey attacks they fire

foeget the use get tattoos on there arms chest on this form to :)


Aww. OK. Feel better soon. Oh that's great story. Oh. U like DB Xneoverse? How long u played it? Cool Character idea. 

RFyle11 (talk) 00:07, May 5, 2015 (UTC)

hi pal hwo you ben it ben will this accont am using now want see my oc,s slyvi yumi in all of there shadow ken forms and my ocs max sakura in all there blazeing darkness forms?

hi pal what you think of mokuba pic did ad cabe dr gero pic and the new cell jr grab cabe neck pic

and I will show you my ocs max and has younger sister sakura in bazleing darkness super blazeing darkness and pure blazeing madness the madness is for that max and sakura have tattoos on there bodys btw the fist base pic of max and sakura was not drawing by the some firned it was drawing by difnint friend

now for my ocs slvvi and yumi shadow ken super shadow ken urita shadow ken gody shadow ken and super gody shadow ken

so what you think btq this accontr I use now I don't you magese me back in fub if had I wood show you them back then :)

slyvi yumi are boy firend and girl firned my friends our rally good at drawing my ocs ;)

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