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salt kicks gohan

Gohan hits the ground hard2
Gohan hits the ground hard3
Gohan hits the ground hard4
Gohan hits the ground hard5
Gohan with his arms around his stomach t

gohan arms around his stomach

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Alternate names Zoldo
Debut "The Heavens Tremble"
Appears in Dragon Ball Z
Race Makyan
Date of death Age 763
Family Garlic Jr. (Boss)Spice (Comrade)Vinegar (Comrade)Mustard (Comrade)Unnamed Sister
"You've really outdone yourself this time boss."— "The Heavens Tremble"

Salt is a short, red member of the Spice Boys. He wears Mongolian style clothing.


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[ Salt and Mustard fight Gohan and Krillin atop Kami's Lookout. He fights against Gohan and almost wins, but when Salt fires several Ki Blasts at the young Saiyan witch wood killed him,but Krillin jumps in the way and takes damage instead. He is then killed by Gohan's Masenko that he learned from Piccolo. In "Fight with Piccolo", Salt also mentions having a sister.
Gohan tired out salt about to beat him more3

salt gohan

Special Abilities[3]EditEdit

[Flight – The ability to fly with the use of ki.

  • Ki Blast – The most basic form of energy wave.
  • Energy Ball
  • Flying Kicks – Used to step on Gohan's stomach– Used to hit gohan face and step on Gohan's stomach
  • flying punchs used to hit gohan faces stomach
  • Salt punchs gohan in the mouth makeing him cough up spit

    salt punchs gohan in the mouth

    Salt samcks gohan
    Salt about to elbow gohan in the stomach
    Salt about to elbow gohan in the stomach2
    Salt elbowed gohan in the stomach to make hin cough up spit

    salt elbowed gohan in the stomach makeing the young saiyan coguh up spit

    Gohan hits the ground hard

Voice Actors[4]EditEdit


  • Salt is the very first villain Gohan destroyed.