Here where you list characters that killed in a war.


  • Cure Muse and Rhythm killed by Baritone Final Form
  • Cure Beat and Melody killed by Bassdrum Final Form
  • Cure Happy killed by bad ending
  • Cure March and Beauty killed by Joker (Smile Precure)
  • Cure Peace and Cure Sunny killed by Emperor Pierrot
  • Hibiki and Kanade's heart tone being stolen by Siren and Bassdrum.
  • Cure Muse killed by Evil Mephisto along with her mother Aphrodite and Shirabe Otokichi (Father-in-law)
  • Cure Beat (Ellen) killed by her dark side.
  • Cure Rouge, Cure Mint, Cure Aqua and Cure Lemonade being captured and possessed by Nightmare because of Nightmare Mask but Nozomi Cure Dream.
  • Cure Dream Nozomi struggle against Nightmare's possession but possessed as well.
  • Cure Black and Cure White killed by Dark Witch.
  • Cure Dream, Rouge, Cure Lemonade, Cure Mint, Cure Aqua turned to stone by Madusa.
  • Cure Dream, Cure Rouge & Cure Mint are min control as Shadow Dream, Shadow Rouge & Shadow Mint.


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