new spiders vs db cast
Note vs spiders

note vs spiders

beat and has friends deside take trip to unknow plant and head trhow cave the heat in the cave effect beat earto bakshau note forte viola who start sewating but keep walking throw then the cave they find 6 patchs and deside to split up but the deeper the go in to cave the more the graop start to sewat beat friends keep walking tell they find new patch that 3 path ways

beat is not sure witch way he sould go and then Babarian walk thor mid path come face to face with beat thinking the mons is week beat rush only to get punched in the stomach making the boy cough up spit beat fail to has kneeds holding has stomach in pian wonder

way this babrian is so much stronger then the nroaml week ones babrian fellow up with punch to beat face and pull has hair knee him in stomach beat coughs up even more spit and roles around holding has stomach wonder how this babrian is stronger then he is beat start to sweat

more think it heat that hold him back then beat see spiders coming has way beat fly over and punchs one the spdier but find has punchs have no effect then he try kicking one the spider but has kicks have no effect fianly try blasting one of them but aigna noting happen at this point beat is cufnused on way he cant hurt the spider or defeat the babrian

monster beat deside to remove has shirt and shoes and socks think the heat is weeking him and that by remove has foot war and has shirt that the cave wood not be as hot but then

the spiders shot web at beat in sics beat arms our bound and has legs to beat try to strggle but cant free himself beat wonder what the web he tied up with is made out of that make him unable to free himself beat mouth is soon gagged in web he struggle more then the babrian in gag beat ask him how it feel to lose be tied up beat ask way he not effect by the cave

and fianly babrian tell him there gentoer ehre that driannig your power kid beat get mad but the spdier shot more web at him beat motuh is regagged and he incased inweb soon after note run to barbican and get hit in her stomahch face she to is tied up by the spider the rest beat firenss are inciased in web to soon goku and has firend go throw cave and they to are traped

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