Makoto Kino (Lita Kino in the English adaptations) is the civilian form of Sailor Jupiter.


[1]Makoto, AKA Sailor Jupiter, as shown in the anime.Makoto has dark green eyes and long wavy brown hair which she ties into a high ponytail with a band that has two green balls. Makoto lets two long strands of her hair loose at each side of her head. She is notably tall and always wears pink rose earrings. Makoto likes to wear clothes that are a bit tomboyish but stylish at the same time. She likes wearing sleevless shirts so in winter, she wears them with a long-sleeved shirt underneath.


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[2]During the Silver Millennium, she was the ruler of the planet Jupiter. She is the Sailor Senshi of Nature & Strength. She wore a green strap dress with two little green roses at the hips. The dress is very long and has a split starting from the little green rose on the left side. She has a green choker and a green ribbon with a red rose in the center in her hair. She dwelt in castle lo and wore a green gown.