Fist form fireza
2ns form fireza
3rd form fireza
Fianl form fireza
Golden form
Borly ssj
Borly lssj
Lssj3 broly
Lssj4 broly
Beat ssj

beat ssj

Beat ssj2

beat ssj2

Beat ssj3

beat ssj3

False ssj

false ssj

Ussj goku


Super kaioken

super kaioken

Goku.s super saiyan 3 transform

ssj3 goku

Gotenks ssj
Gotenks ssj3
Super vegtio
Ssj3 vegito
Teen gohan ssj

teen gohan ssj


teen gohan ssj2

Vgeta turn ssj

vegeta ssj

Vegeta assj

vegeta assj

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