Giant spider spider Edit

Gt kid goku vs giant spider2

Kid goku face off in battle with his evil clone and goku takes a beating at the hands if his clone but when goku powers up starts beating the clone up he get in raged calls out gaint spider goku fights with the spider and he punches kicks it but no matter how many

times he try's to punches and kicks the spider it some to have no effect on the spider goku clone repaper in fort if him as a super saiyan and punches goku in his stomach knocking the boy out he picks up the unconscious goku and throws him on the giant spider web that the spider made but not before removing goku

shoes socks off his feet will goku is unconscious the giant spider ties him in web gags him the spider keep warping larys if web around goku tell the web is nice tight goku wokes up only to find him bound in web and goku struggles to free him but is not able to

free him self form the web of the spider then giant spiders young moves closer to goku it start warping more webbing around him now in goku struggles in fear before he is comtpelyed mummified in web the spider web abroabs all if goku ki form him leavening him powerless pan show up burn then web freeing goku then give him bean to heal him then goku orders pan to leave and then goku his

clone battle it out again goku turn ssj2 punches his clone however goku clone turn ssj2 broke goku right arm witch makes goku cry then goku turn ssj3 but clone copied him by turning ssj3 then the clone broke goku right arm and his lift leg then smacks goku in back if his neck and knees him in his stomach goku spits before crying holding his stomach before his clone punch goku harder

In his stomach

Knocking goku out a 2nd time then ordering the spider to warp kook up in web again witch it dos when pan returns goku clone knocks her out with punch to pan stomach then throw on web next to spider witch ties pan up gags her with web then goku evil clone makes a evil clone if pan to join him will the two set Wight for gohan and goten to show up goku as the clone watch on clone order the

giant spider to stay hidden pan clone tell it that soon goten gohan will join goku pan in cased in web at hands if the spider Later gohan show.s up and gets kicked to ground by goku and pan.s evil clones then ceatre in evil clone if gohan

And gohan his evil clone battle it out gohan clone end up punching him in his stomach then face then hit him in back if his neck knocking gohan out will one if spider tries gohan in web gags him with web gohan wakes up after being incased in web and

Spider webs more web around gohan then woman who ceatre the clones puts gohan in some room pan goku incased in web soon after goten and trunks show up and are in shock when see goku gohan pan incased in web however before they can free them goten trunks are

Attacked by there evil clones goten get punched hard in his stomach then in his face in raged goten turn ssj but his clone copy's him then take up one step high by turning ssj2 goten back way scared then his clone fly.s at him elbow him in the stomach

Making goten spit goten fell to his knees holding his stomach then the clone kicked goten arm in broeking making goten cry before the goten punches goten harder in has stomach goten then get kicked in his face before getting

Kneed in his back then felling to ground getting his stomach step on then the clone throw goten in air blasted him with ka me he me he ha and goten eyes turned white Then he hits the ground knocked out will trunks clone knees him in the stomach punches him in the face and neck then trunks turn ssj kicks his clone in face but is kicked in back by ssj2 evil goten then trunks clone trunks

Turns ssj then powers up to ssj2 however in raged by clones hurting goten trunks turn ssj2 punch goten clone in the stomach but then goten clone telpaorts behind him puts trunks in arm grab hold will evil trunks punches trunks in the his stomach non stop

With every punch trunks get weaker and coughs up more spit then goten trunks goku pan evil clone all punched trunks in the stomach at the some time after brokering his arm that is and trunks spit unable to take any more hits trunks fell to his knees holding his

Stomach in normal form will two spiders tie goten up in web gag him in web goten woke up incased in web and woman pulls goten shoes and socks off his feet before honging him up with others then trunks clone remove his own shoes kick trunks rally hard in has

Stomach trunks spit before hitting the ground knocked out then two spiders wrap trunks up in web gag him with web soon trunks wakes up incased in web unable to free him self then woman removes trunks shoes pulls his socks off his feet then picks trunks up and

hongs him up with others the woman tells trunks he was not original on her list to clone she tell him that was intell she saw how powerful he was and when find that he goten can do fusion so slel him he lucky brat that get to be tied up with his friends

She then tell goten no to worry about what she has planed as he trunks goku gohan and pan will soon be joined by others she orders the clones to Wight for bulla and tarble so they can be cloned and incased in web like others then woman then the laughs at them

Then tells them she can't Wight to she clone army of saiyans working for her at her base and that she plans to keep real ones In cased in web she keep draining there ki had it to there clones to make clones stronger and stronger

soon tarble bulla land find the others in cased in web the woman tells them that they two will soon join there friends she then sends tarble bulla clones and tarble evil clone punches him in the stomach then face then elbow him in stomach witch force tarble to

his knees as he holds stomach then tarble clone picks him up by has hair knees him in the stomach before blasting tarble witch make.s tarble eyes turn white he hit ground knocked out soon spider come up to starts warping up in web tarble soon woke up just as he

Is gagged in web then the woman removes tarble shoes and pull his socks off has feet then hongs tarble up with the others then tarble see that he is in cased in web then bulla try's to save only to get kicked in her stomach and face by her clone then

bulla clone elbow bulla in her stomach bulla spits before her eyes turn white she hits ground knocked out Then a spider warps her up in web gags her then woman walks up to bulla takes her shoes and her socks off her feet and then

She hongs bulla up with others bulla soon wakes up to find her self in cased in web then woman tell them that there just two more before she has all saiyans she needs she tell that now she just has to Wight for these brats beat and note

To show up once there in cased in web I will team I need then beat note show up try to free others but get attacked by there clones beat turn ssj2 so dos his clone then clone elbow beat in his stomach beat spits then clone punches beat harder in has stomach

Beat fells to has knees holding has stomach then beat turn ssj3 punches his clone in the stomach the clone spits but then clone turn ssj3 elbows beat right arm broking it witch make beat cry and beat.s clone shuts him up by kneeing him in the stomach and hitting

Him in the back if has neck then clone follows up by punching beat harder and harder in the stomach after 5th punch beat fell to his knees spiting as has eyes turn white and he hits ground then spider start tieing beat up in web then gagging the woman picks

Beat up removes beat shoes and pulls beat socks off has feet the woman tell evil beat good job you knocked the brat out now that 1 down 1 to go say picking beat up hanging him up with others beat start settling to free him but find out the web his drained

all has ki then note clone turn ssj kick her in her stomach note spits then turn ssj2 punch her clone in face then her clone turn ssj2 kick note lift arm in broking it making note cry then her clone punch note in her stomach note fells to her knees holding her

stomach then note see that have trapped beat and she tips in to her anger and turn ssj3 punch her clone to ground but get kicked in back by beat clone then note evil clone elbow note harder in her stomach non stop note spits as her eyes turn white and

She hits ground knocked out then spider warps web around note and gags her then woman takes notes shoes off and removes notes socks off her feet soon then woman picks note up hongs her with others soon note woke up see that she in cased in web

She try to struggles but can't free her self the woman say yes iv down it in army off unstoppable clones she then say struggle all you want brats you will never free your Slefs

Eivl gt kid goku

goku evil clone

Gt kid goku vs giant spider5
Gt kid goku vs giant spider
Gt kid goku vs giant spider2
548px-Gt kid goku tied up gagged in web by a giant spider


Gt pan tied up gagged in web by giant spider


Evil gt pan

evil gt pan

Gohan incased in web

gohan incased in web

Kid goten kid trunks after finding goku pan gohan in cased in web

goten trunks scared and shocked when see goku gohan and pan incased in web

Kid goten incased in web

kid goten incased in web

Kid trunks in cased in web

kid trunks incased in web

Evil womon

the evil womon who cloned trunks goten gohan goku and pan and ceated the giant spiders

Eivl ssj2 kid goten

eivl ssj2 kid goten

Eivl ssj2 kid trunks

eivl ssj2 kid trunks

Evil ssj2 gohan

evil ssj2 gohan

Tarble incased in web

tarble in cased in web

Bulla in cased in web

bulla in cased in web

Beat in cased in web

beat in cased in web

Note in cased in web

note in cased in web

Evil tarble

tarble eivl clone

Bulla.s evil clone

bulla.s evil clone

Beat.s evil clone as ssj3

beat.s evil clone as ssj3

Note.s eivl clone in ssj3

note.s eivl clone in ssj3

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