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Ami / Amy Mercury

Ami Mizuno is the civilian identity of Sailor Mercury. She is described as being a genius schoolgirl.

Aside from the main body of the Sailor Moon series, Ami is featured in her own short story in the manga, called "Ami's First Love." Originally published in Volume 14 of the manga, this was the only one of three "Exam Battle" stories to be made into a "Special" for the anime series. In addition, a number of image songs featuring Ami's character have been released, including the contents of three different 3-inch CD singles.

Sailor MercuryEdit

Sailor Mercury (☿) is one of the Sailor Senshi of the Solar System. Her civilian identity is Ami Mizuno (Amy Mizuno in the English dub). Sailor Mercury is the first member of the Sailor Team to be discovered by Usagi Tsukino, and serves as the "brains" of the group. Her powers are associated with phases of water, and she can use her supercomputer to quickly analyze a foe in battle. Most of her powers are strategic rather than offensive, and she possesses various pieces of computerized equipment to help her study the enemy.

She is given specific titles throughout the various series. These include Soldier of Water and Intelligence, Soldier of Wisdom, Soldier of Justice and Wisdom, and Soldier of Love and Exams.

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